Get a thorough understanding of your health or fitness issues with the focus on identifying often hidden or poorly understood root causes. This will include taking you through the results of your hair tissue mineral analysis, if you have completed one, then working out a plan of action to restore good health and fitness.


Pricing and Booking Mode

One hour: $220

For HTMA reviews and first-time consultations, either in person, or by Zoom video conferencing.

This includes preparation for the one-hour consultation and then writing and sending an email with recommendations that are additional to the Laboratory Report.

30 Minutes: $110

For progress reviews, and followup HTMA report consultation,  either in person, or by Zoom video conferencing.

This includes preparation, the meeting, and recommendations.

15 minutes: $60

For miscellaneous contact, including email and phone responses to health-related inquiries.

Book A Consultation

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Although the HTMA reports are sufficient guidance for most people, and everybody holds the key to their healing, sometimes they need extra help and guidance. That's where having a consultation with Gary Moller comes in. As an experienced Natural Health Practitioner, Gary helps to interpret your test results and refine your therapy. He works with you to restore health and vitality and to maintain this for life.

(While the HTMA reports and recommendations are comprehensive and intended to economically serve most people's needs, some need more of a personal touch. If you feel you are one of these people, you may book a consultation with Gary). 

The consultation fee is either for 15-20 minutes (email/phone), 30 minutes or 1 hour with Gary, in person or by Skype or Zoom, and includes access by email to his ongoing advice and guidance for the following three months.

If you are unsure what to do or which package is best for you, including whether or not to include a consultation with Gary, first message him via this website and tell him about your health concerns and what you hope to achieve. Then he'll recommend the best way forward for you. All in confidence, of course!

Refer to this page before booking:

Without going through the process of booking a consultation, you may fill up the health questionnaire via this link (Health Questionnaire).


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