I love getting feedback—both complimentary and constructive. As a certified Wellness Consultant, I’m proud to have gained the trust of my valued clients. Read on to see what others have said about me.

You Saved My Life

Dear Gary and Alofa,

​Let me assure you that you have, I believe, saved my life and when I get around to it I will write a testimony for you!

I really thank God for you. Bless you


Strength has increased 10 fold!

"Hey, Gary. How’s things? I’m feeling ok, strength has gone up 10 fold! In the past couple of months, I must have gained nearly 15-20% on some of my major lifts – a big gain!"

Olympian Kyla Imrie on Nutrition & Performance

I believe anyone competing at the elite level of sport cannot be deemed a “normal” person. It took me a while to grasp this concept that I, myself am an elite sportsperson and have found in the past that following a normal person's dietary requirements just isn’t enough.

Since working with Gary I have learned the importance of certain foods to enhance my training and performance. It has proven worthy shown through improvement in my race performance from international age group racing to the Rio Olympics within 2 years.

A human-powered journey all the way from Singapore to New Zealand!

"I am a human powered adventurer - my body is my engine.  

In 2017 I am attempting to use my body power alone to travel 12,000km from Singapore to New Zealand.  My main goal is to finish this expedition safely and healthily, not burning myself out in the process.  Good nutrition is one of the keys to staying safe and preventing chronic fatigue, however, stuck in the middle of the ocean in a rowing boat is an extreme environment and a very challenging one to eat well.  

Gary with his elite endurance background understands this and has offered solutions which are effective and practical to my environment.  Gary does not give general nutritional advice but uses hair tissue analysis to develop a highly personalised program which addresses my weaknesses.  We repeat this hair tissue testing throughout the expedition and he adjusts the program to suit.  Gary's ability to communicate and relate the mass of knowledge and expertise is second to none and my consultations are always too short, every session is a massive learning journey.  

If you are looking for elite nutritional support to take on massive and daring challenges then you will not find a better person than Gary Moller" 

A son who was floored by "post-viral fatigue syndrome'

Our son was in Year 12 at school and had no energy, nausea, and headaches -  the prognosis was heading towards Chronic Fatigue with studies put on hold.

After various tests, the only result was a past Glandular Fever infection. Thankfully a family member recommended Gary Moller who from the first time we contacted him brought hope back to us with his compassion, kindness and thorough knowledge of nutrition treating our son to enable him back to full health again.

Gary’s recommendations for nutrition and supplements using hair test analysis got our son back on the mend after 8 months off school and ready to face Year 13 - which he completed successfully and is now ready to go on to Uni this year.

We are extremely grateful Gary for the major role you have played in our son’s recovery!

The Olympics are on the cards for Kurtis Imrie

"Hey Gary had an awesome weekend at the nationals.  Came away with four golds in k1 200,500 k2 1000 and k4 1000 also got silver in k1 1000 by on a second to Marty.  He went to the Olympics and also the fastest time I've ever done in NZ water so going awesome 😊 and two bronze in k4 200 and k1 5km so everything is going great".


"Hey Gary it's Kurtis here.  I'm feeling really good and body handled the weekend at blue lakes regatta I managed to have a great weekend with 5 wins in open men event (k1 1000,500, and 200 also k2 1000 and 200 ) so it was a great weekend so I think the supplements you gave me is helping me thank you very much my body is handling hard effort really well so thank you. I thought I would let you know how I'm going"

Jill is once more able to energetically dig her garden

"I want to express my thanks for your help in starting a recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome which had deteriorated dramatically in the past few years with obvious gut problems and other symptoms. 

I've had a huge turn around and am still gaining strength and stamina, albeit slowly. Your caring and sympathetic phone calls and sound dietary advice together with the right supplements put me on a path to recovery which I am still on.  

Your researched articles are impressive.  I only wish that there were more health professionals like you - honest to the core.

An ever grateful client" -Jill 

A remarkable recovery following cancer treatment

A Bronze Medal at the World Swimming Championships for 100 m Butterfly. This would not have happened after suffering marginal zone b cell lymphoma and undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, if I had not been supported by Gary.

​Jo Matthews

When is a testimonial not one? And a fit man with a cool bike

"I should make that testimonial up for you. Any ideas on what I should write?

I don't suffer from any of the things I used to. I've put on so much more weight I used to be 3% body fat now I'm at 13%! Which is great! No more constant sore stomachs or acne. I'm less stressed, happier, and just a completely different person compared to what I was like back in college. I'm loving life now as I'm able to get up early and still have energy at the end of the day.

To top all of that off I haven't had a cold for at least 9 months! 

Should I just smash all those things together in a couple of paragraphs?"


Carolyn, an ageless athlete

​"After a severe injury and not wanting to follow mainstream treatment due to potential side effects, I contacted Gary who was recommended by a friend.  He was very helpful right from the start with all of my questions!  He recommended the Hair Analysis Test so we could really get to the bottom of what was going on!  That proved to be a turning point for me.Since then, I have returned to competition, running the best I have in many years,  with no further health issues.  My recovery is better and as my family and friends have noticed, I have a lot more energy! I'm so thankful that I contacted Gary, as know I have many more years ahead of me following my passion!"

Carolyn Smith

55 years

World Masters Athlete

Rotorua Marathon success!

Hi Gary,

I completed the marathon in 4 hours 25, ran the whole way and somehow sped up the last 10km! I paced myself maybe too slow at the start and the hills  but so happy I ran the whole way and finished it! I loved it.  It was an awesome experience. The hips and knees are very tender today but that would be expected! 

Thank you so much for all your advice with training it was great to talk to someone with experience. Could have opened a new path for me now!

Thanks, Ainslie

There is life after the Olympics for a burned out cyclist

As a burnt out athlete (double olympic cyclist) I have been working with Alofa and Gary over the past few years now. They have provide help and more importantaly hope where the medical fraternity only offered life damaging drugs and  anti depressants.

Using natural supplements can be slow going however is the safer way to go in the long term. The hair test consultations that Gary provides, gives a comprehensive, forensic insight to damage caused over the years. This provide valuable information for the pathway to recovery.

No more arthritic pain and fibromyalgia

​"I discovered Gary and Alofa after going through a long period of ill health. I had been to many health professionals and pretty much found myself thinking nothing works, nobody knows what’s wrong with me and I’ll just have to live with my pain.

One problem I had was arthritic symptoms among others in my hands. I couldn’t form a fist with my left hand. But after Gary’s knowledge and care my hands have recovered. I feel that I am extremely lucky to have met Gary and Alofa because I truly don’t know where or what I would be doing now without them. -Nicola Barrett

Gradually beating the odds

I have been a patient of Gary Moller’s for about  5-6 years. I first came to see him in Wellington at his practice for general advice on issues relating to  Cardiovascular disease, long term  chronic stress and advice on nutrition and sports exercise.

I have always found Gary extremely knowledgeable, caring and wise and we related to each other immediately which was very important to me.

I have always been a person with an enquiring mind and have a high level of personal responsibility and found Gary to be the same in his personal and professional life.

Working together over the recent years using the HTMA testing, face to face and Skype Gary has been able assist and guide me through a process to of discovery and subsequent repair of long term health issues.

I have always found Gary and Alofa extremely helpful and generous in their charges for services and supplements, often a parcel of supplements will be accompanied by articles, books and health goodies at no charge.

I would recommend Gary Moller to anyone who requires the services of a Health Professional who is willing to walk the talk, carry out exhaustive research and leave no stone unturned to achieve the result required,

Regards Ross Garrick

Letter from the mother of a tried swimmer

"Hi Gary

As you could see from your last Skype session with xxx the change has been amazing. Before my son was a young man who despite all his best efforts was becoming sicker, tireder, despondent, and depressed. xxx felt very unwell and knew he was underperforming no matter how hard he trained which robbed him of his confidence and impacted on his mental strength needed to compete at a top level.Because of the depressed thyroid function he was fearful and anxious, with low self-esteem. Now I have my son back, things can be funny again; xxx is making real steady progress which is reflected in his P.Bs and is starting to regain some confidence and belief.

Thanks again"

Josh Haggerty, an incredibly talented young cyclist who was off the pace

​"Six months ago I went to Gary to get a hair analysis test completed having had this being recommended by Yvonne McDonald as I had been feeling fatigued for a period of time.  The hair analysis test clarified for me why I had been feeling so tired.  I then completed a Skype session with Gary and he went over the report with me and recommended where we could make some improvements for my overall well being.  Gary then put me on a nutrition plan to help give my body the energy and specific nutrients that my body needed.

Having been on the plan for about three months I started to notice improvements both on and off the bike.  I felt better both mentally and physically.  This helped towards better training as I could ride harder and recover quicker.  By about five months in, with a solid block of training, I was making improvements that would typically have taken me a lot longer to achieve.  I recently completed the Tour of Southland and now I am heading towards my main goal of Road Nationals early 2017.

 Gary continues to keep in contact with me, offering me support towards my goals".

He's back on the wave!

"Hi Gary,I have a huge amount more energy and recovered almost immediately. Compared to last year where I was tired before I even started and felt shite for days this is a vast improvement !Regards"Les Morris

(Les is a durable competitive kayaker and consistent age group multisports teams champion)

Supporting Natural Health Practitioners with doing their jobs better than ever

I have had the privilege of working closely with Gary and Alofa for several years now in the capacity of referring clients for HTMA. 

They have always provided an extremely high quality and very professional service and at the same time always ensuring the client is completely at ease and provided with very clear and easily understood information regarding their health outcomes.

Gary’s very personable approach and ability to freely share his wealth of knowledge  makes it a very enjoyable learning experience for all.

Yvonne McDonald RCHom Invercargill

Atrial Fibrillation and Arrhythmias

​"Morning Gary, Another great day...summer on way. Guess what? With prayer and since taking the xxxx - I have had no symptoms of heart fluctuations (missed beats when resting!!!) Awesome aye.... Definitely feeling more energy too.."

​"I saw the articles on your blog. Very interesting - since I have been taking the xxxx, I've had a stronger immune response to the numerous viruses I catch, and just in the last few days the ectopic heartbeats I'd been having for the last perhaps 8 months have completely cleared up."

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can work wonders for health

I have been a patient of Gary Moller for health problems relating to menopause and adrenal fatigue.  He interpreted my hair tissue sample results, something which is very complex to read.  These results have given me a wonderful idea on my health status and what supplements would suit me, also what diet I should be having.   My health has improved as the result of this information, knowing that I have too much calcium in my tissues and not enough zinc has made a huge difference to my metabolism, and skin complaints.  My hot flushes have become much more manageable due to the thyroid and adrenal herbs.

I have found Gary to be most knowledgeable on all matters nutritional.  He has in depth knowledge, all the things a regular Doctor is not expert on.  This is a great resource when one is faced with health issues.  He is very friendly, approachable and goes out of his way to be helpful and solve any health issues.  Along with his wife Alofa, supplements are sent by courier very efficiently and the cheapest on the market.  They send very clear invoices by e mail for payment and all is professionally done.   Thoroughly recommend to get a hair tissue analysis done and take the guessing out of your health needs.  Having a Skype call with Gary to interpret it is most necessary and beneficial or it is no use getting one.

With grateful thanks

There has been a marked improvement in my skin

"Hi Gary

Just to let you know that after ..... there has been a marked improvement in the skin to the extent that there is very little left. And the diet has been relaxed with no ill effects.Now this may be coincidence or the detoxing or everything but what a GREAT result!


So thank you for the surprise Christmas present and our BEST wishes to yourselves for well being and happiness this Christmas."

Chronic fatigue

"Gary, I am finally after a long time of being exhausted and sick, feeling the results of better health. My head has cleared tremendously and I now have energy, yeah! ( for the first time in about 3 years.) I feel like I am again in the land of the living. I have religiously been taking the products and along with being strict with the gluten free, making lots of veggie juices for the family and cutting out on most sugars am feeling the benefits."

There are healthy alternatives to modern medicine

Gary was friendly and cheerful and superfit-looking! My gosh, what kind of vitamins is he on?

The first question Gary asked me was “When was the last time you were in hospital. What was it for?” I was a bit taken back. No one had ever asked me that before. Well, I would have to say when I was 9 years old for a racing heart due to stress. And that is where we started. Gary said it was hardly a surprise that my adrenal glands had been in a state of exhaustion for many, many years and it is no wonder I am in the state I am in now. He was also of the opinion that I was over-medicated and that most of the drugs my doctor had me on were actually making matters worse, rather than better. I realised that I had been suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome from childhood. Finally, someone could see that this is something real and we were actually going to do something about it! I couldn’t wait. He ordered a hair tissue mineral analysis test be done and in the meantime, started me on some vitamin and minerals for rectifying adrenal fatigue. I simply couldn't believe it but within 2 weeks I felt better!

I have been going to Gary for 2 years now. It is a slow climb getting back to wellness with a few setbacks, but nothing like it was in the past.

Last year I gathered up all my courage and came off all pharmaceutical drugs. I was terrified. What if I became crazy or depressed or so anxious that I couldn't leave the house? What if the world ended? It is hard to break away from what you know when that is all you know and when it is all you have been told. My GP’s nurse called to arrange another “Care Plus” appointment last month. I told her that I am no longer taking any medication and don’t need those appointments anymore. There was silence on the other end of the phone. The nurse said “well, you really should see the Dr”. I told her that I don’t need to because I feel better. She said “you should come in for a chat anyways”. Over the past few years, I had told my GP about Gary and even brought in the vitamins and minerals he had given me. There was little interest and even less acknowledgement of their success. Why didn't my GP tell me there are other treatments available? Why doesn't the government subsidise “natural” treatments such as vitamins and minerals? Why don't the insurance companies reimburse people who are under practitioners like Gary for their health care treatment? There is no information or support out there – only a wall of silence if you challenge the pharmaceutical system. It makes me mad thinking about all those wasted years that I was on those dangerous drugs with all their scary side effects.

I politely declined my three month GP appointment. I think I know which way I am going now. This includes a daily morning walk around the neighbourhood with my dog Sam, something that was once a tiring struggle; but a pleasure to do nowadays!"


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