Nature's Sunshine Mega-Chel 120 tabs

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Nature's Sunshine Mega-Chel 120 tabs

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Mega-Chel 120 tabs

Heart health is the leading health issue for both men and women. In addition to maintaining a healthy weight and eating healthful foods, supplementing with important nutrients may promote optimal circulatory health. Many health professionals believe that taking chelated forms of minerals (minerals bound to amino acids in this case) helps support the natural processes that remove heavy metals or minerals from the body. These chelated substances bind with specific minerals or metals in the body and help escort them out via the waste removal systems. Minerals chelated to amino acids help remove plaque from artery walls, making this product a vital program for sufferers of arteriosclerosis. This formulation is exclusive to Nature's Sunshine. No other company offers a combination of vitamins, amino acid chelated minerals, antioxidants, glandular extracts, amino acids and herbs. NSP's expert formulators have also added PABA and inositol to enhance the synergy and bioavailability of these unique ingredients. Mega-Chel® is a key product for the circulatory system. It contains a large array of nutrients to support the entire circulatory system - arteries, veins, capillaries and the tissues and organs they service. For example, the combination contains vitamins C and B6, demonstrated to reduce platelet adhesion and aggregation. The yeast free formula also contains l-cysteine HCI, p-aminobenzoic acid, l-methionine, citrus bioflavanoids, rutin, adrenal substances, spleen substances, thymus substances, inositol, Ginkgo Biloba leaves, hawthorn berries and coenzyme Q10.

Provides a powerhouse of nutritional support for the circulatory system. Contains generous amounts of 11 essential vitamins and 10 needed minerals. Promotes healthy circulation through maintaining circulatory passageways. Helps maintain arteries, veins and capillaries. Neutralizes free radicals. Balances the glandular system.

Begin by taking 1 tablet twice daily for a week. Then take two tablets twice daily for the second week. Gradually increase to 4 tablets with a meal twice daily. Maintain this level for three to four months. Then gradually taper off in a similar manner

This product is not recommended for children. Important: If pregnant or planning pregnancy, daily vitamin A intake should not exceed 5,000 IU. Quantities in excess of 10,000 IU may result in reproductive hazards, or birth defects. Beta-carotene as a natural plant source of vitamin A poses no such risk. This bottle contains enough iron to harm a child. Close lid tightly and keep out of the reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control centre immediately.


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